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# Various easy completions for Bash builtins; more specific stuff goes in
# ~/.bash_completion.d

# Bash builtins
complete -A builtin builtin

# Bash options
complete -A setopt set

# Commands
complete -A command command complete coproc exec hash type

# Directories
complete -A directory cd pushd mkdir rmdir

# Functions
complete -A function function

# Help topics
complete -A helptopic help

# Jobspecs
complete -A job disown fg jobs
complete -A stopped bg

# Readline bindings
complete -A binding bind

# Shell options
complete -A shopt shopt

# Signal names
complete -A signal trap

# Variables
complete -A variable declare export readonly typeset

# Both functions and variables
complete -A function -A variable unset

# If we have dynamic completion loading (Bash>=4.0), use it
if ((BASH_VERSINFO[0] >= 4)) ; then

    # Handler tries to load appropriate completion for commands
    _completion_loader() {
        [[ -n $1 ]] || return
        local compspec
        [[ -f $compspec ]] || return
        source "$compspec" >/dev/null 2>&1 && return 124
    complete -D -F _completion_loader -o bashdefault -o default

# If not, load all of the completions up now
    for sh in "$HOME"/.bash_completion.d/*.bash ; do
        [[ -e $sh ]] && source "$sh"
    unset -v sh