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* feature/vim-doc-fix: Correct monospaced blocks in Vim plugin docs
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diff --git a/vim/doc/copy_linebreak.txt b/vim/doc/copy_linebreak.txt
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--- a/vim/doc/copy_linebreak.txt
+++ b/vim/doc/copy_linebreak.txt
@@ -26,11 +26,11 @@ There are no default key mappings to any of these targers; you should define
them yourself in your |vimrc|. For example:
:nmap <Leader>b <Plug>CopyLinebreakToggle
COMMANDS *copy_linebreak-commands*
If the |+user_commands| feature is available, commands provided are:
`:CopyLinebreakEnable`: *:CopyLinebreakEnable*
Enable copy-paste friendly line break options.
`:CopyLinebreakDisable`: *:CopyLinebreakDisable*
diff --git a/vim/doc/mail_mutt.txt b/vim/doc/mail_mutt.txt
index c3f8afaa..1129651d 100644
--- a/vim/doc/mail_mutt.txt
+++ b/vim/doc/mail_mutt.txt
@@ -23,7 +23,7 @@ agent, as the initial content of a new message.
MAPPINGS *mail_mutt-mappings*
Three <Plug> mapping targets are also provided for convenience. No attempt is
diff --git a/vim/doc/strip_trailing_whitespace.txt b/vim/doc/strip_trailing_whitespace.txt
index 9e2907d4..2b220231 100644
--- a/vim/doc/strip_trailing_whitespace.txt
+++ b/vim/doc/strip_trailing_whitespace.txt
@@ -27,7 +27,7 @@ mappable in any mode. There is no default key mapping to the target; you
should define this yourself in your |vimrc|. For example:
:nmap <Leader>x <Plug>StripTrailingWhitespace>
AUTHOR *strip_trailing_whitespace-author*
Written and maintained by Tom Ryder <tom@sanctum.geek.nz>.