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Add exm(1df) to work around Vim's screen-clearing
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@@ -469,6 +469,7 @@ Installed by the `install-bin` target:
any options, mostly useful for scripts.
* `eds(1df)` edits executable script files in `EDSPATH`, defaulting to
`~/.local/bin`, for personal scripting snippets.
+* `exm(1df)` works around a screen-clearing quirk of Vim's `ex` mode.
* `finc(1df)` counts the number of results returned from a set of given
`find(1)` conditions.
* `fnl(1df)` runs a command and saves its output and error into temporary
diff --git a/bin/exm b/bin/exm
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@@ -0,0 +1,10 @@
+# If input is a terminal and ex(1) is the Vim version, force it to use a dumb
+# terminal so it doesn't clear the screen
+if [ -t 0 ] ; then
+ ver=$(ex --version | sed '1{s/ .*//;q}') 2>/dev/null
+ case $ver in
+ VIM) set -- -T builtin_dumb "$@" ;;
+ esac
+exec ex "$@"
diff --git a/man/man1/exm.1df b/man/man1/exm.1df
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+.TH EXM 1df "March 2017" "Manual page for exm"
+.B exm
+\- invoke Vim's ex(1) with a dumb terminal
+.B exm
+.B exm
+works around a quirk of Vim that causes it to clear the screen when invoked as
+ex(1) interactively. It applies Vim's -T option to force the terminal to the
+builtin "dumb" terminal.
+This doesn't work on its first invocation from any given terminal, but does
+work thereafter. I haven't yet figured out why.
+This breaks switching to visual mode with :visual somewhat, as the terminal
+will persist in its dumb state. I'm not sure there's a way to fix this. If
+there were a Vim :autocmd for mode switching, it might be possible, or perhaps
+by wrapping :visual somehow to :set terminal=$TERM.
+Tom Ryder <tom@sanctum.geek.nz>
diff --git a/sh/profile.d/editor.sh b/sh/profile.d/editor.sh
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--- a/sh/profile.d/editor.sh
+++ b/sh/profile.d/editor.sh
@@ -1,7 +1,16 @@
-# Set command-line editor; ed if we've got it (!), but ex will do fine
+# Ideally, we'd use plain old ed(1), but many Linux distributions don't install
+# it by default
if command -v ed >/dev/null 2>&1 ; then
+# Failing that, if we have both vim(1) and exm(1df) in our $PATH, use the
+# latter to work around Vim's ex mode screen-clearing
+elif { command -v vim && command -v exm ; } >/dev/null 2>&1 ; then
+ EDITOR=exm
+# Otherwise, just call ex(1) directly
export EDITOR