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Documented the special install-conf target
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@@ -18,7 +18,6 @@ Known issues
* Would be good to complete the Makefile variables for NAME, EMAIL etc with
educated guesses (`id -u`@`cat /etc/mailname`) etc rather than hardcoding my
own stuff in there
-* Document `install-conf` target once I'm sure it's not a dumb idea
* Need to decide whether I care about XDG, and implement it if I do
* Need to decide whether I'm testing the shell snippets for MPD, Keychain etc,
and if so how.
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@@ -54,6 +54,20 @@ to figure out which shell's configuration files to install, falling back on
The remaining files can be installed with the other `install-*` targets. Try
`awk -f bin/mftl.awk Makefile` in the project's root directory to see a list.
+### Configuration
+To save a set of `make` targets useful for a specific user or host, you can
+save them in a newline-separated file `~/.dotfiles.conf`, and install using
+that with the special `install-conf` target. This can include variable
+settings, too:
+ $ cd
+ $ cat .dotfiles.conf
+ install-bash
+ install-bin
+ EMAIL=you@example.com
+ $ make -C .dotfiles install-conf