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+* A wrapper ksw(1df) (kill-switch) that traps SIGINT to kill a called program
+ or loop immediately, rather than aborting a loop (is this possible?)
+* A wrapper sil(1df) or nec(1df) to turn stty -echo off for the duration of a
+ paste?
+* I can probably share my psql() completions/shortcuts after sanitizing them
+ a bit
+* Wouldn't be too hard to add some HTTP BASIC auth to ix(1df) to make pastes
+ manageable
+* Have eds(1df) accept stdin with the "starting content" for the script
+* Convert all the manual pages to mandoc maybe? <https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mandoc>
+* qmp(1df)--quick man page
+* The solution to chn(1df) not running in parallel is probably backgrounded
+ processes and mkfifo(1).
+* Write something like hcat(1df) or tcat(1df) that includes filename headings
+ for each concatenated file.
+* I can probably get rid of all that nasty templated shell by writing
+ something that wraps around td(1df) and generates shell script to run, and
+ calls that via `eval`.