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* release/v0.54.0: Regenerate dotfiles(7) manual Bump VERSION Add note about compiler scripts Arrange for tidiers to hold window position Update markdown_autoformat.vim Update surround.vim Completely overhaul after/ftplugin files Use short-circuit for no-mapping check Correct g:current_compiler setting Consistently require 'nocompatible' for ftplugins Upgrade insert_suspend_hlsearch.vim Use `function!` consistently in ftplugins Fix comments in vim/filetype.vim Set 'comments' blank by default Add Xresources filenames Add more names to Vim Bash types
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@@ -523,6 +523,15 @@ There are also a few tweaks to core syntax files in
Some of these filetype plugins are also due to be separately distributed
and installed via submodules instead.
+.SS Compilers
+I define a few of my own \f[C]:compiler\f[] scripts for
+\f[C]~/.vim/compiler\f[], for use for checking and linting of
+appropriate filetypes.
+Because checking (does it work?) and linting (is it well\-written?) are
+separate processes for me, I bind them separately with local leader
+maps; for example, \f[C]_c\f[] runs a \f[C]perl\ \-c\f[] syntax check of
+Perl scripts, and \f[C]_l\f[] runs a Perl::Critic check.
.SS Neovim
I test my configuration every now and then with the Neovim
@@ -832,6 +841,8 @@ Good for quick tests.
.IP \[bu] 2
\f[C]mi5(1df)\f[] is a crude preprocessor for \f[C]m4\f[].
.IP \[bu] 2
+\f[C]mim(1df)\f[] starts an interactive Mutt message with its input.
+.IP \[bu] 2
\f[C]mftl(1df)\f[] finds usable\-looking targets in makefiles.
.IP \[bu] 2
\f[C]mkcp(1df)\f[] creates a directory and copies preceding arguments