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Add short documentation for new custom plugins
I'm using the plugin_name.txt syntax suggested by the Vim documentation. That may change in future as I study plugins written by experienced authors like Tim Pope. There will almost certainly be a lot more detail to add to each of these.
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+*command_typos.txt* Bind capital-letter versions of common commands
+Author: Tom Ryder <tom@sanctum.geek.nz>
+License: Same terms as Vim itself (see |license|)
+This plugin defines custom commands like :W, :Qa, and :Wq to match their
+lowercase analogues, to forgive me when my pinky finger doesn't roll off the
+Shift key quite soon enough after pressing the colon key.
+This plugin lives in Tom Ryder's "dotfiles" suite, and will eventually be spun
+off into a separate distribution as it solidifies and this documentation