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Junk detect_background.vim and thereby autoload
It's too complicated and confusing, and doesn't do enough to justify wrecking Vim's own logic for doing this sort of thing. Better to just say `:set background=dark` and be done with it. This is the only one of my inline plugins with an `autoload` file, so we can get rid of that, too. Not worth packaging/publishing to www.vim.org.
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-*detect_background.txt* For Vim version 7.0 Last change: 2017 November 12
-DESCRIPTION *detect_background*
- *detect_background#DetectBackground()*
-The |detect_background#DetectBackground()| function provided by this plugin
-inspects the $COLORFGBG environment variable to determine whether the user is
-using a terminal with a light background, and returns the word "dark" or
-"light" accordingly, for use in setting 'background'.
-The function does roughly the reverse of Vim's built-in heuristics to set the
-'background' option, which default to a light background in the absence of
-hints otherwise.
-Note that this plugin does not inspect the value of the $TERM environment
-variable or the |'term'| option at all, nor the |'t_RB'| option.
-REQUIREMENTS *detect_background-requirements*
-This plugin is only available if 'compatible' is not set.
-AUTHOR *detect_background-author*
-Written and maintained by Tom Ryder <tom@sanctum.geek.nz>.
-LICENSE *detect_background-license*
-Licensed for distribution under the same terms as Vim itself (see |license|).
-DISTRIBUTION *detect_background-distribution*
-This plugin lives in Tom Ryder's "dotfiles" suite, and may eventually be spun
-off into a separate distribution as it solidifies and this documentation
-improves. See <https://sanctum.geek.nz/cgit/dotfiles.git/about/> for more
- vim:tw=78:ts=8:ft=help:norl: