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Separate command typos config to plugin
Tentatively named command_typos.vim. I've just moved this as-is for now, but it will need review, especially the hardcoded mappings.
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diff --git a/vim/plugin/command_typos.vim b/vim/plugin/command_typos.vim
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+++ b/vim/plugin/command_typos.vim
@@ -0,0 +1,14 @@
+" Tolerate typos like :Wq, :Q, or :Qa and do what I mean, including any
+" arguments or modifiers; I fat-finger these commands a lot because I type
+" them so rapidly, and they don't correspond to any other commands I use
+if has('user_commands')
+ command! -bang -complete=file -nargs=? E e<bang> <args>
+ command! -bang -complete=file -nargs=? W w<bang> <args>
+ command! -bang -complete=file -nargs=? WQ wq<bang> <args>
+ command! -bang -complete=file -nargs=? Wq wq<bang> <args>
+ command! -bang Q q<bang>
+ command! -bang Qa qa<bang>
+ command! -bang QA qa<bang>
+ command! -bang Wa wa<bang>
+ command! -bang WA wa<bang>