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Merge branch 'release/v0.20.0'v0.20.0
* release/v0.20.0: Bump verison number to 0.20.0 Add some comments to vintrc Make vim-vint allow saying ":set nocompatible" Add install target for vim-vint Update submodule paths Add syntax checking with zsh -n for Z shell Use consistent indentation for bulleted list items Update sahara submodule Correct a homophone error in a comment
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diff --git a/vint/vintrc.yaml b/vint/vintrc.yaml
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+# Show me all my problems, including matters of style
+ severity: style_problem
+# Allow "set nocompatible", because it does need to be included for using ex if
+# I don't want so much of my config to break because of 'cpoptions' (especially
+# splitting long lines)
+ ProhibitSetNoCompatible:
+ enabled: false