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diff --git a/ISSUES.markdown b/ISSUES.markdown
index 1e766a6e..5d9d43d3 100644
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@@ -24,5 +24,3 @@ Known issues
jobspecs around that flee after a jobs builtin run; only saw this manifest
after 90dcadf; either I understand job specs really poorly or this may be a
bug in bash
-* Pressing Enter after an empty first line in ksh93 sets $? to 1; a bit
- annoying. Maybe check history number somehow?
diff --git a/ksh/kshrc.d/prompt.ksh b/ksh/kshrc.d/prompt.ksh
index e082d600..904b64ef 100644
--- a/ksh/kshrc.d/prompt.ksh
+++ b/ksh/kshrc.d/prompt.ksh
@@ -20,7 +20,7 @@ function prompt {
# Add sub-commands; working directory with ~ abbreviation, VCS, job
# count, and previous command return value
- PS1=$PS1'$(ret=$?;jobc=$(jobs -p|sed -n \$=);prompt pwd;prompt vcs;prompt job;prompt ret)'
+ PS1=$PS1'$(ret=$?;jobc=$(jobs -p|sed -n \$=);prompt pwd;prompt vcs;prompt job;prompt ret;:)'
# Add prefix and suffix