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diff --git a/tmux/tmux.conf b/tmux/tmux.conf
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--- a/tmux/tmux.conf
+++ b/tmux/tmux.conf
@@ -1,7 +1,12 @@
# My tmux session is no-display land because I attach to it with all sorts of
# terminal clients, including PuTTY, so I don't always have X forwarding
# available and therefore it's not appropriate to set the display
-set-environment -gru 'DISPLAY XDG_SESSION_COOKIE'
+set-environment -gru DBUS_SESSION_BUS_ADDRESS
+set-environment -gru DESKTOP_STARTUP_ID
+set-environment -gru DISPLAY
+set-environment -gru WINDOWID
+set-environment -gru XAUTHORITY
+set-environment -gru XDG_SESSION_COOKIE
# Force the browser to be Lynx in case we inherited a non-null DISPLAY
set-environment -g BROWSER 'lynx'