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+" Load plugins for file types
+if has('autocmd')
+ filetype plugin indent on
+" Bind \p to show filetype
+nnoremap <silent>
+ \ <Leader>p
+ \ :<C-U>set filetype?<CR>
+" Use UTF-8 by default wherever possible
+if has('multi_byte')
+ set encoding=utf-8
+" Use all ancestors of current directory for :find
+if has('file_in_path')
+ set path=**
+" Try Mac line-endings if UNIX or DOS don't make sense; this has never
+" happened to me but who knows, it might one day
+set fileformats+=mac
+" If the Vim buffer for a file doesn't have any changes and Vim detects the
+" file has been altered, quietly update it
+set autoread
+" Save a file automatically if I change buffers or perform operations with the
+" argument list; this is particularly helpful for me as I don't use 'hidden'
+set autowrite
+" Don't use modelines at all, they're apparently potential security problems
+" and I've never used them anyway
+set nomodeline
+" I really like ZZ and ZQ, so I wrote a couple more mappings; ZW forces a
+" write of the current buffer, but doesn't quit, and ZA forces a write of all
+" buffers but doesn't quit
+nnoremap <silent>
+ \ ZW
+ \ :<C-U>write!<CR>
+nnoremap <silent>
+ \ ZA
+ \ :<C-U>wall!<CR>