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+" Start paste mode with F10 to prevent console Vim from confusing a swathe of
+" pre-formatted pasted text with actual keyboard input, and thereby attempting
+" to indent it inappropriately. If unimpaired.vim is available, it's generally
+" nicer to use yo or yO.
+set nopaste
+set pastetoggle=<F10>
+" Don't bother about checking whether Escape is being used as a means to enter
+" a Meta-key combination, just register Escape immediately
+set noesckeys
+" Don't bother drawing the screen while executing macros or other automated or
+" scripted processes, just draw the screen as it is when the operation
+" completes
+set lazyredraw
+" Improve redrawing smoothness by assuming that my terminal is reasonably
+" fast
+set ttyfast
+" Never use any kind of bell, visual or not
+set visualbell t_vb=
+" Require less than one second between keys for mappings to work correctly
+set timeout
+set timeoutlen=1000
+" Require less than a twentieth of a second between keys for key codes to work
+" correctly; I don't use Escape as a meta key anyway
+set ttimeout
+set ttimeoutlen=50