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diff --git a/vim/vimrc b/vim/vimrc
index 1ffb3e09..44ed6b02 100644
--- a/vim/vimrc
+++ b/vim/vimrc
@@ -58,6 +58,9 @@ silent! set breakindent
" Clear default 'comments' value, let the filetype handle it
set comments=
+" Give me a prompt instead of just rejecting risky :write, :saveas
+set confirm
" Try to keep swapfiles in one system-appropriate dir
set directory^=~/.vim/cache/swap//,~/vimfiles/cache/swap//
@@ -142,6 +145,12 @@ set wildmenu " Use wildmenu
set wildmode=list:longest " Tab press completes and lists
silent! set wildignorecase " Case insensitive, if supported
+" Add completion options
+if exists('+completeopt')
+ set completeopt+=longest " Insert longest common substring
+ set completeopt+=menuone " Show the menu even if only one match
" Fold based on indent, but only when I ask
if has('folding')
set foldlevelstart=99
@@ -182,9 +191,18 @@ endif
" Map double Ctrl-K in insert mode to search digraph names
imap <C-K><C-K> <Plug>(DigraphSearch)
-" Remap normal space to scroll down a page, backspace up a page
+" Remap normal space to scroll down a page
nnoremap <Space> <C-F>
-nnoremap <BS> <C-B>
+" If we have plugins, do a :next after hitting the last line
+if &loadplugins
+ nmap <Space> <Plug>(ScrollNext)
+" Remap normal/visual & to preserve substitution flags
+nnoremap <silent> & :&&<CR>
+if exists(':xnoremap')
+ xnoremap <silent> & :&&<CR>
" Map g: as a 'colon operator'
nmap g: <Plug>(ColonOperator)
@@ -289,11 +307,29 @@ nnoremap <Bslash>+ :<C-U>call vimrc#Anchor('1GgqG')<CR>
" \. runs the configured make program into the location list
nnoremap <Bslash>. :<C-U>lmake!<CR>
+" \< and \> adjusts indent of last edit; good for pasting
+nnoremap <Bslash>< :<C-U>'[,']<<CR>
+nnoremap <Bslash>> :<C-U>'[,']><CR>
+" \/ types :vimgrep for me ready to enter a search pattern
+nnoremap <Bslash>/ :<C-U>vimgrep /\c/ **<S-Left><S-Left><Right>
+" \? types :helpgrep for me ready to enter a search pattern
+nnoremap <Bslash>? :<C-U>helpgrep \c<S-Left>
" \DEL deletes the current buffer
nnoremap <Bslash><Delete> :bdelete<CR>
" \INS edits a new buffer
nnoremap <Bslash><Insert> :<C-U>enew<CR>
+" Execution mappings; each of these clobbers register z
+" \@ executes line in normal mode
+nnoremap <Bslash>@ g^"zyg_@z
+" \: executes line in command mode
+nnoremap <Bslash>: g^"zyg_:<C-R>z<CR>
+" \! executes line with 'shell'
+nnoremap <Bslash>! g^"zyg_:!<C-R>z<CR>
" If we're running NeoVim, source some extra configuration
if has('nvim')
runtime nvim.vim