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* Remove blank lines at end of filesTom Ryder2016-03-281-1/+0
* Use real return values in clipTom Ryder2015-10-151-4/+3
* Appease perlcritic(1) on clipTom Ryder2015-10-021-0/+3
* Tidier Perl for custom clip scriptTom Ryder2014-04-271-6/+12
* UTF-8 encoding needed before clipboard printTom Ryder2014-04-261-1/+3
* Remove Urxvt.perl-lib definitionTom Ryder2014-04-261-0/+0
* Replace clipboard urxvt with abbreviated scriptTom Ryder2014-04-262-109/+22
* Start using URxvt clipboard scriptTom Ryder2013-03-221-0/+109