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* Correct prefix for b:undo_* variableTom Ryder2017-11-081-1/+1
* Use "nunmap" not "unmap" for b:undo_* varTom Ryder2017-11-082-5/+5
* Remove null command from b:undo_* variablesTom Ryder2017-11-083-6/+6
* Use consistent/thorough ftplugin/indent unloadingTom Ryder2017-11-087-7/+32
* Break a long conditional in vim/ftdetect/sh.vimTom Ryder2017-11-081-1/+2
* Rename b:check and b:lint with sh_ prefixTom Ryder2017-11-081-9/+9
* Remove overkill defined-and-false check of sh varsTom Ryder2017-11-081-4/+4
* Clear b:check/lint in ftdetect/sh.vim b:undoTom Ryder2017-11-081-1/+1
* Move ftplugin/sh.vim b:undo def to end of fileTom Ryder2017-11-081-2/+4
* Use correct undo variable name in ftplugin/sh.vimTom Ryder2017-11-081-1/+1
* Use sh.vim local vars not global POSIX hacksTom Ryder2017-11-081-19/+14
* Add user_ftplugin.vim and user_indent.vim pluginsTom Ryder2017-11-074-28/+8
* Use b:undo variables correctlyTom Ryder2017-11-074-0/+36
* Put missing exclamation mark back into shell checkTom Ryder2017-11-051-1/+1
* Simplify shell linting code with single varsTom Ryder2017-11-041-8/+8
* Adjust plugin code layout a lotTom Ryder2017-11-044-15/+26
* Add lint mapping for VimscriptTom Ryder2017-11-041-0/+5
* Add check and lint mappings for shell scriptTom Ryder2017-11-041-0/+22
* Add tidy mapping for HTMLTom Ryder2017-11-041-0/+4
* Break long lines in check/lint/tidy mappingsTom Ryder2017-11-042-5/+12
* Make all lint/check/tidy maps local and silentTom Ryder2017-11-042-5/+5
* Improve comments on check/lint/tidy mapsTom Ryder2017-11-032-4/+4
* Use long form options for tidy(1) Vim callTom Ryder2017-11-031-2/+2
* Use direct :write !cmd instead of shellescape()Tom Ryder2017-11-032-17/+7
* Use full ':execute' not just ':exe' in VimLTom Ryder2017-11-032-3/+3
* Check for availability of Vim shellescape()Tom Ryder2017-11-032-10/+17
* Revert "Adjust UrlLink() to yank word without t...Tom Ryder2017-11-031-3/+1
* Adjust UrlLink() to yank word without text objectsTom Ryder2017-11-031-1/+3
* Refactor UrlLink() function normal! commandsTom Ryder2017-11-031-2/+10
* Use single quotes for HTML link mapping :executeTom Ryder2017-11-031-2/+2
* Refactor HTML tidy(1) mappingTom Ryder2017-11-031-1/+4
* Use <Leader>/<LocalLeader> correctly in Vim configTom Ryder2017-11-032-5/+5
* Apply name conventions, scoping to Vim identifiersTom Ryder2017-10-301-2/+2
* Merge branch 'vim/vint'Tom Ryder2017-10-301-4/+4
* | Move non-indent HTML Vim config indent->ftpluginTom Ryder2017-10-301-0/+11
* Rearrange and better explain ksh syntax workaroundTom Ryder2017-10-301-4/+19
* Move filetype-specific indent options into indent/Tom Ryder2017-10-308-54/+0
* Add some more file-specific indent preferencesTom Ryder2017-10-305-0/+33
* Add detection, tweak indent/whitespace for CSV/TSVTom Ryder2017-10-302-0/+6
* Move vim/after/ftplugin files into vim/ftpluginTom Ryder2017-10-305-0/+34