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* Drastically limit amount of history keptTom Ryder2016-08-181-2/+2
* Update bashrc/zshrc with POSIX funcs sourceTom Ryder2016-08-171-0/+3
* Instate some actual real zsh configurationTom Ryder2016-08-152-2/+13
* Remove blank lines at end of filesTom Ryder2016-03-282-2/+0
* Whoops, forgot .zprofileTom Ryder2016-01-291-0/+2
* Add Zsh configurationTom Ryder2016-01-271-0/+2
* Well, that was underwhelming.Tom Ryder2012-06-052-143/+0
* Couple more Zsh optionsTom Ryder2012-06-051-1/+7
* Brackets for visual cue that I'm using ZshTom Ryder2012-06-041-1/+1
* Refactor bashrc config for parity with new zshrcTom Ryder2012-06-042-0/+137