Print timed lyrics from an LRC file for MPD's currently playing song line-by-line to stdout: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/LRC_%28file_format%29

Needs Net::MPD and a few core Perl packages. Expects to find lyrics named Artist - Title.lrc in ~/.lyrics. An LRC file I made for Darkthrone's "To Walk The Infernal Fields" from their 1993 album "Under a Funeral Moon" is included for testing.

This code is not great. It will be improved. It needs to be more configurable from environment variables or options, for one thing.

This could maybe be used with libnotify or a similar desktop notification tool to display lyrics in a corner as you work on other things. I've included a simple Bash wrapper around notify-send(1) which works for me.

You can install both with make install. The default PREFIX is /usr/local. You may prefer $HOME/.local, like I do.


Copyright (c) Tom Ryder. Distributed under Artistic License 2.0.