tsh — Tom Ryder shell

<tom> tsh; tomshell
<tom> -b: bashmode
<tom> -c: cshellmode (but when you use it it just says "lol" to stderr and
    exits with 1)
<tom> -z: zshellmode (execs zshell with the most hideous overengineered PS1
    i can find from the arch wiki)
<fincham> your ideas captivated me
<tom> do you want to subscribe to my newsletter
<fincham> http://pastebin.com/TgrbyZ08
<fincham> BUGS: execv is not called in a useful way
<tom> ahah
<fincham> fincham@rink:~/Working$ ./tsh.py --help
<fincham> usage: tsh.py [-h] [--mode {bash,native,csh,zsh}]
<fincham> tsh.py - the Tom Ryder shell. Implements a perfect shell.
<fincham> optional arguments:
<fincham>   -h, --help            show this help message and exit
<fincham>   --mode {bash,native,csh,zsh}
<fincham>                         which emulation layer to execute,
    defaults to bash if not specified
<tom> thank you for this
<tom> i think i have missed the joke in "what? no.", is that making fun of
    my perfectionism
<fincham> the shell is perfect
<fincham> bug free
<tom> it needs no fixing
<fincham> fincham@rink:~/Working$ ./tsh.py --mode native
<fincham> > ls
<fincham> what? no.
<fincham> > why not
<fincham> what? no.
<fincham> > :(
<fincham> what? no.
<fincham> >
<tom> i want to put this on github
<tom> unless you'd prefer to do it
<fincham> go for it


Written by Michael Fincham. He says it's WTFPL. I believe him.