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authorTom Ryder <tom@sanctum.geek.nz>2012-01-19 23:53:51 +1300
committerTom Ryder <tom@sanctum.geek.nz>2012-01-19 23:53:51 +1300
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First commit. Should have been tracking this long ago given how much I've chopped everything up. Oh well.
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diff --git a/colors/sahara.vim b/colors/sahara.vim
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@@ -0,0 +1,61 @@
+" sahara, a 256-color retake on desert256 with the color detection code
+" removed for clarity. Written by Tom Ryder (tyrmored).
+" http://vim.wikia.com/wiki/Xterm256_color_names_for_console_Vim
+" Terminal setup.
+set background=dark
+if version > 580
+ highlight clear
+ if exists("g:syntax_on")
+ syntax reset
+ endif
+let g:colors_name="sahara"
+" Highlighting definitions.
+if has("gui_running") || &t_Co == 256
+ highlight Comment term=NONE cterm=NONE ctermfg=110 ctermbg=NONE gui=NONE guifg=#87afd7 guibg=NONE
+ highlight Constant term=NONE cterm=NONE ctermfg=217 ctermbg=NONE gui=NONE guifg=#ffafaf guibg=NONE
+ highlight Cursor term=NONE cterm=NONE ctermfg=66 ctermbg=222 gui=NONE guifg=#5f8787 guibg=#ffd787
+ highlight FoldColumn term=NONE cterm=NONE ctermfg=180 ctermbg=237 gui=NONE guifg=#d7af87 guibg=#3a3a3a
+ highlight Folded term=NONE cterm=NONE ctermfg=220 ctermbg=237 gui=NONE guifg=#ffd700 guibg=#3a3a3a
+ highlight Identifier term=NONE cterm=NONE ctermfg=120 ctermbg=NONE gui=NONE guifg=#87ff87 guibg=NONE
+ highlight Ignore term=NONE cterm=NONE ctermfg=240 ctermbg=NONE gui=NONE guifg=#585858 guibg=NONE
+ highlight IncSearch term=NONE cterm=NONE ctermfg=147 ctermbg=24 gui=NONE guifg=#afafff guibg=#005f87
+ highlight ModeMsg term=NONE cterm=NONE ctermfg=178 ctermbg=NONE gui=NONE guifg=#d7af00 guibg=NONE
+ highlight MoreMsg term=NONE cterm=NONE ctermfg=29 ctermbg=NONE gui=NONE guifg=#00875f guibg=NONE
+ highlight NonText term=NONE cterm=NONE ctermfg=237 ctermbg=NONE gui=NONE guifg=#3a3a3a guibg=NONE
+ highlight Normal term=NONE cterm=NONE ctermfg=251 ctermbg=NONE gui=NONE guifg=#c6c6c6 guibg=NONE
+ highlight Pmenu term=NONE cterm=NONE ctermfg=231 ctermbg=237 gui=NONE guifg=#ffffff guibg=#3a3a3a
+ highlight PreProc term=NONE cterm=NONE ctermfg=167 ctermbg=NONE gui=NONE guifg=#d75f5f guibg=NONE
+ highlight Question term=NONE cterm=NONE ctermfg=48 ctermbg=NONE gui=NONE guifg=#00ff87 guibg=NONE
+ highlight Search term=NONE cterm=NONE ctermfg=147 ctermbg=18 gui=NONE guifg=#afafff guibg=#000087
+ highlight Special term=NONE cterm=NONE ctermfg=223 ctermbg=NONE gui=NONE guifg=#ffd7af guibg=NONE
+ highlight SpecialKey term=NONE cterm=NONE ctermfg=112 ctermbg=NONE gui=NONE guifg=#87d700 guibg=NONE
+ highlight Statement term=NONE cterm=NONE ctermfg=222 ctermbg=NONE gui=NONE guifg=#ffd787 guibg=NONE
+ highlight StatusLine term=NONE cterm=NONE ctermfg=231 ctermbg=237 gui=NONE guifg=#ffffff guibg=#3a3a3a
+ highlight StatusLineNC term=NONE cterm=NONE ctermfg=16 ctermbg=237 gui=NONE guifg=#000000 guibg=#3a3a3a
+ highlight Todo term=NONE cterm=NONE ctermfg=196 ctermbg=226 gui=NONE guifg=#ff0000 guibg=#ffff00
+ highlight Type term=NONE cterm=NONE ctermfg=143 ctermbg=NONE gui=NONE guifg=#afaf5f guibg=NONE
+ highlight Underlined term=NONE cterm=NONE ctermfg=81 ctermbg=NONE gui=NONE guifg=#5fd7ff guibg=NONE
+ highlight VertSplit term=NONE cterm=NONE ctermfg=243 ctermbg=237 gui=NONE guifg=#767676 guibg=#3a3a3a
+ highlight Visual term=NONE cterm=NONE ctermfg=222 ctermbg=64 gui=NONE guifg=#ffd787 guibg=#5f8700
+ highlight WarningMsg term=NONE cterm=NONE ctermfg=209 ctermbg=NONE gui=NONE guifg=#ff875f guibg=NONE
+ highlight! link htmlTag Type
+ highlight! link htmlEndTag htmlTag
+ highlight! link Title Normal
+ highlight! link LineNr NonText
+ highlight! link TabLine StatusLineNC
+ highlight! link TabLineFill StatusLineNC
+ highlight! link TabLineSel StatusLine
+ highlight! link VertSplit StatusLineNC
+ highlight! link VimHiGroup VimGroup