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+Scripts that given a list of repository roots as arguments look for new tags
+available on remote systems, and report the repository name and a tab-indented
+list of new tags, if any.
+Presently only `watch-git-tags` is implemented (well, published). This is all
+implemented in POSIX `sh`, but does require a `mktemp(1)` implementation that
+supports the `-d` option to create temporary directories.
+ $ watch-git-tags ~/.local/src/ed/vim
+ /home/tom/.local/src/ed/vim
+ v8.0.0858
+You can install it in `/usr/local/bin` with:
+ # make install
+You can define a `PREFIX` to install it elsewhere:
+ $ make install PREFIX="$HOME"/.local
+If you keep a list of your repository paths in a file like `~/.watch-git-tags`,
+you could put this in a `crontab(5)` task to email you new tags:
+ xargs watch-git-tags < ~/.watch-git-tags-repos
+Copyright (c) [Tom Ryder][1]. Distributed under an [MIT License][2].
+[1]: https://sanctum.geek.nz/
+[2]: https://www.opensource.org/licenses/MIT