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Implement personal filetype.vim
This implements only the syntax highlighting for file types I regularly use and care about, implemented in the way I want them to work, with files named per type in ftdetect/*.vim. I have chosen only file types with which I regularly deal and for which syntax highlighting and filetype/indent plugins are actually useful. Most other files, e.g. system config files I edit infrequently and only with sudoedit(8), don't really benefit from that. Much of this is just copied from the distribution filetype.vim file, but some of it I do specifically in a way I want, such as the shell decision logic. We'll see how well this works.
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@@ -13,6 +13,7 @@ set -- \
vim/bundle/uncap_ex \
vim/compiler \
vim/config \
+ vim/filetype.vim \
vim/ftdetect \
vim/gvimrc \
vim/indent \