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@@ -1,26 +1,11 @@
-" Use backup features if on a UNIX-like system and not using sudo(8)
-if !strlen($SUDO_USER) && has('unix')
+" Default to no backup files at all, in a way that even ancient/tiny Vims will
+" understand; the auto_backupdir.vim plugin will take care of re-enabling this
+set nobackup
+set nowritebackup
- " Keep backups with a .bak extension in ~/.vim/backup; the double-slash at
- " the end of the directory is supposed to prod Vim into keeping the full
- " path to the file in its backup filename to avoid collisions, but I don't
- " think it actually works for backups, just undo and swap files
- set backup
- set backupext=.bak
- set backupdir^=~/.vim/backup//
+" If backps are enabled, use a more explicit and familiar backup suffix
+set backupext=.bak
- " This option already includes various temporary directories, but we
- " append to it so that we don't back up anything in a shared memory
- " filesystem either
- set backupskip+=*/shm/*
- " Create the backup directory if necessary and possible
- if !isdirectory($HOME . '/.vim/backup') && exists('*mkdir')
- call mkdir($HOME . '/.vim/backup', 'p', 0700)
- endif
-" Don't use backups at all otherwise
- set nobackup
- set nowritebackup
+" Don't back up files in anything named */shm/; they might be password
+" files
+set backupskip+=*/shm/*